I am driven by a passion for seeing community make things happen and take control of their own future. With experience leading multiple local volunteer community organisations through renewed energy and growth, I can provide a new perspective on how your organisation can achieve its goals. 

  • Community organisation growth and publicity
  • Facilitation of community conversations around revitalisation
  • Strategy design, implementation and Evaluation of projects

Here are some of my background within the community:

CHAIRPERSON - Dargaville Business Forum Inc

JUL 2015 - Present Dargaville

  • Improving support and opportunities for local businesses
  • Building inter-organisation relationships and collaboration
  • Implemented professional branding of organisation
  • Facilitation of breakfast workshops and seminars
  • Raised organisation profile to respected level
  • Manage of social media presence and growth
  • Implemented and manage MailChimp email campaigns
  • Represent organisation at events
  • Represent organisation on community projects

PROJECT MANAGER - Kauri Coast Dargaville Welcome Signage

FEB 2016 - Present Dargaville

  • Coordinating the implementation of new welcome signage for Dargaville that aligns with the Kauri Coast brand
  • Liaise with designers involved through multiple changes and external delays
  • Apply for funding
  • Obtain approval from NZTA

BOARD MEMBER - Dargaville Community Development Board Inc

NOV 2015 - Present Dargaville

  • Active board member and Business Forum representative
  • Assisted in re-establishment of organisation as interim committee member
  • Co-coordinated visit from community specialist Peter Kenyon
  • Helped set direction by providing input into organisation strategy
  • Provide guidance on technology


AUG 2016 - OCT 2016 Dargaville

  • Stood as a Dargaville Ward candidate in the 2016 local elections. I was unsuccessful by a narrow margin and receiving strong community encouragement to stand again. A valuable learning experience for understanding community and reflecting on my own capabilities. 

CHAIRPERSON - Dargaville Arts Association 

SEP 2015 - SEP 2016 Inc Dargaville

  • Led organisation to achieve Community Arts Centre goal.
  • Worked through License To Occupy with Kaipara District Council for use of
  • Historic Municipal Chambers
  • Managed social media presence and monitored primary email
  • Facilitated Loomio discussions and decision making

DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON - Dargaville Arts Association Inc

SEP 2014 - SEP 2015 Dargaville

COMMITTEE MEMBER - Dargaville Business Forum Inc

AUG 2014 - JUL 2015 Dargaville

VARIOUS OTHER - Mixed organisations

AUG 2014 - Present Dargaville

  • Assisted in organisation of Circus Kumarani “Spirit of Matariki” 2016
  • Gilmore Brown Kaipara Art Awards Committee 2016