As humans we have long strived for the manipulation of space. For the most part we have achieved a level of domination that has allowed us to thrive but has also been detrimental to the environment, other species, and ourselves. As a landscape designer I seek to explore the tension that exists between us continuing to strive, mediate our effect on our surroundings, and engage to the fullest potential in the same space as many other living organisms.


If I haven’t lost you already then bear with me. I am not here to preach an environmentalist ideal. Here I wish to broaden your understanding of how landscape influences your life and how we can manipulate this space to improve your life experience.


Even before you step outside, that view through the window of the outdoor environment can have effect on your state of mind and behavior. Whether it be the warm sun glowing as it creeps up over the hills, or the pelting horizontal rain ripping through an overgrown mess, it can set a mood regardless of other positive or negative factors.


In future articles I will look at a vast variety of landscape related facets. From designing for diversity, to material relationships, social behavior, place identity, community engagement, and much more. The information and ideas presented here won’t be new and ground breaking, but hopefully it makes the ideas more accessible for the general public and gets you engaging with your environment.


Next time I will look at simply stepping outside of your artificially controllable box and why you should engage more in your external surroundings.


Ready to Launch!

Over the past couple of weeks I have come to find myself now in a position I did not see myself being in for at least another 10 years. On the verge of fully putting myself out there as an artist and designer I am both excited to show what I can do and scared shitless at not knowing what could come of this. Having always been full of grand ideas that very rarely fruition past my sketchbook, it is with a sense of achievement I officially put my name, my brand out to the general public. Peter Boyd.

We live in an age where branding means everything to any business or personal success, so to use my own name straight out I play a potentially dangerous game. All going well I could become known nationally or worldwide, but if I fail miserably I could become scum and never work in the region again. But as a designer I dream of being in a position that work comes to me from all over the world because my personal style is sought after, so why not take a risk from the start?

What I am currently trying to achieve as the brand Peter Boyd is engagement in an experimental process. A merging of art and design to explore ideas and get others thinking about their surroundings. To engage you in a discussion of what our landscape means to you and how creative design can enhance your life.

I have always held a passion for art and design and growing up was dead set on architecture. But starting out at university I soon discovered that architecture in terms of buildings was not what I thought it was. But a taste of landscape architecture sparked even more curiosity and passion. Still a relatively new profession there is incredible scope for exploration of ideas and potential to change the way we interact with our environment.

Having completed my bachelors degree I now want to refine where I want to position myself in a very broad industry, and build a level of experience that allows me to perform at my best when I return to study for masters and registration. I am a hands on practical learner so I like to throw myself in the deep end and learn as I do the work. My short time in landscape construction has given me valuable experience for understanding how to bring ideas into the real world and now it is time to explore that further through the design process.

So here I am, asking you to think about your outside environment. Landscape is so much more than “pretty gardens”. It is about systems and connections, manipulating natural and man made spaces to evoke feelings of engagement with our surroundings and enhance environmental and social well-being. 

Business Card


As I get things up and running properly, I will use this blog to post photos of works in progress, thoughts of where I would like to head with future work, and inspiration that deserves further recognition.