Peter Boyd

Peter Boyd is a landscape designer and community enthusiast with a passion for strengthening relationships across multi discipline community organisations and with the surrounding environment.

Peter has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies in Landscape Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington and regularly engages in further professional development. Peter also currently holds multiple leadership roles within the Dargaville community while offering services as a landscape designer.

Some key achievements include:

Landscape Design:

Dargaville Placemaking Vision Guide, 2016

Baylys Beach Entrance Artist Impression, 2016

Dargaville Riverside Gardens Entrance Concept 2015

Various private residential concept plans

Community Involvement:

Dargaville Arts Association Inc, Chairperson 2015-2016

Dargaville Business Forum Inc, Chairperson 2015-2016

Dargaville Community Development Board, Board member 2016